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Send your followers directly to checkout pages instead of your eCommerce site or product page.

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Sell on Instagram

Insert Instavia's Instant Checkout Links in Shop Now section OR add it as a link your bio.

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Sell on Twitter

Sell Swiftly and easily on Twitter with Instant Checkout Links. Just insert links in your post.

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Sell Via Email

Embed instant checkout links in your newsletter or email marketing campaigns and send your customers directly to checkout page.

How To Sell

With Instant Checkout Links

Create Account →

Connect Stripe →

Connect stripe account or create a new one

Generate Links →

Create products and generate instant checkout links

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How To Sell on Instagram

Promote your post

Promote your post like any other

Enter your instant checkout link

Select "Your website" option and enter your instant checkout link.


Once viewers click your post, they will be taken to your checkout page.

Link in Bio

As an alternative, you can also paste the link in bio

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Get paid
instantly with
Stripe and Instavia

Wish your customers could pay you on the spot? We’ve teamed up with Stripe so you can accept payments instantly.

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Checkout should be fast, simple, frictionless.

Average Checkout has 12.8 form fields and takes 2:25 minutes. Instavia can reduce it to a single click.

Customer Checkout Flow

Click Instavia Link →

SMS Verification →

Required Only Once During The First Checkout

Card Info →

Required Only Once During The First Checkout

Payment Confirmation


No Password or Login Necessary

Instavia is the fastest and easiest way for your customers to shop, checkout & pay. Usernames, passwords and forms are a thing of the past.

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Free. Full access. No card required.