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How To Sell?

Fastest and easiest way to sell

1) Download Instavia Merchant App

Download and subscribe to Instavia Merchant App. Use the the above "Download on the App Store" link.

2) Select Gateway

Select your payment gateway. Enter keys and your are done. Instavia supports stripe (other are coming soon!). Instavia does not mediate payments. Funds will be channeled directly to your accounts.

3) Generate QR Codes

Generate qr codes for your products and services by entering some information.

4) Use QR Codes to Sell

Share your QR codes on your social media accounts or on your web sites or even in your stores!

How Will Your Customers Buy?

Fastest and easiest way to buy

1) Download Instavia

Your customers will download and subscribe to Instavia. Instavia app is free for your users.

2) Payment Method

Customers will enter their card information. Instavia don't keep any credit card info and don't mediate any payments. We outsource these to payment gateway service providers.

3) Scan & Pay

Scan the QR code displayed on the website or social media account & pay. Easy as taking a photo.

4) Next Time

The next time your customers want to buy something, there will be no step 1 or 2. They will fast forward to Scan & Pay stage.

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Can we customise Instavia?

Instavia can look and feel as your own mobile app but thats something we do only for enterprise customers. Instavia's enterprise team will take care of the customizations for our clients. Please use the contact form below to get in touch and to get a quote.

Do you mediate payments?

No! We do not mediate payments. We work with payment gateways, they do the heavy lifting. The money that your customers pay are directly transfered to your accounts.

Do you keep credit card information

No! We don't keep any credit card information. We outsourced the credit card payment service to our payment gateways.

How secure is Instavia?

Instavia runs on google cloud and uses google's security products. Your data is protected and kept secure at all times.

Can we see uptime stats?

Instavia runs on google cloud with 99.99% uptime and is accessible 24/7. You can also follow our status page for any downtime alerts.

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