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Can we customize Instavia?

Instavia can look and feel as your own mobile app but thats something we do only for enterprise customers. Instavia's enterprise team will take care of the customizations for our clients. Please use the contact form to get in touch.

Do you keep credit card information?

No! We don't keep any credit card information. We outsourced the credit card payment service to our payment gateways.

Do you mediate payments?

No! We do not mediate payments. We work with payment gateways, they do the heavy lifting. The money that your customers pay are directly transferred to your business accounts.

How secure is Instavia?

Instavia runs on google cloud and uses google's security products. Your data is protected and kept secure at all times.

How are the uptime stats?

Instavia runs on google cloud with 99.99% uptime and is accessible 24/7. You can also follow our status page for any downtime alerts.

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